TEA BR^K inspires you to take breaks from your daily errands.

TEA BR^K provides you with short, crisp, interactive & interesting questionnaires, comic streaks, discussions, gossips, and stories during your breaks to make your breaks more fun and interesting while giving you some relevant and important information you should know.

TEA BR^K serves White Tea, Green Tea, Black Tea, Oolong Tea, and Herbal Blends.

TEA BR^K source its tea directly from the tea gardens of Darjeeling and Assam. We infuse the fresh premium handpicked tea leaves with various herbs, shrubs, flowers, fruits, spices, and roots aiming to fit in your various breaks by the clock, moods, gatherings, and particular health benefits.

TEA BR^K was founded on the fact that tea being the second most consumable beverage after water can touch and impact your day, moods, gatherings, and overall health & wellness if consumed consciously.

TEA BR^K also realized Tea can be infused and blended with almost any herb, shrub, fruit, roots, shrubs, flowers, and spices keeping its focus in developing customized tea for your every day breaks by the clock, moods, gatherings, seasons, and most importantly health.

So, we designed and customized your tea for everyday morning breaks, mid-day breaks, evening breaks, dinner breaks, Immunity, anxiety, diabetes, pregnancy, beauty, sleep, stress, restlessness, wake up, emotional wellness, energy, happiness, positivity, anger, exertion, parties, family gatherings, dinner dates,  corporate meetings, and gatherings.

These teas are specifically designed and produced keeping your every day breaks, mood routines, gatherings and health in mind so you can just take a break from whatever you are doing and enjoy a cup of Tea.

And With our Take a Break Section, you can now even enjoy more and find your relevant and valuable content information about topics which concern you.

So, take a look around; check out our products; find what suits you best and TAKE A BREAK.

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