Enjoy good family time with these 5 simple ways.

All of us have been affected differently by this pandemic. Some of us are limited to our homes, and some of us are isolating away from our families. But either way, we are not able to spend a lot of time with our families because of the smudged line between professional and personal time. There […]

A Workaholic ‘s top 5 teas for an absolutely perfect day.

Are you a Workaholic? Do you love your work more than anything? Is there a feeling of missing out on something when you are not working? Welcome to the club, my friend. Don’t worry. You are not alone in this. Countless people like you and me would spend their time working than partying. We know […]

Can you actually look amazing because of Blue Tea?

Do you want to look good? Feel amazing? And be amazing? No, this is not just a motivational article. It is about you and a magical beverage that can help you in so many ways. You must have heard and read about it, but we are going to tell you how Blue Tea can singlehandedly […]

Top 5 tea travel destinations of the World for you.

You are staying inside your house because of this pandemic. But this does not mean that we cannot plan our lives for when all of this ends. Keeping that sense of adventure alive in our hearts is what keeps us going. It is only fair for that adventurous spirit alive in your heart, we tell […]

A simple and minimalistic tea of the Great Mahatma Gandhi.

You know, some people achieve greatness and inspire generations with their thoughts. In 50,000 years of human history and a population of more than 7 Billion, sometime only a few would stand out and remain immortal with their ideas, thoughts, and actions. We are talking about a man, an Indian, who changed the history of […]

5 surprising post-workout teas that make fitness easy

What is the first thing you do after a rigorous and satisfying Workout? You have plentiful water. But has it ever happened to you that your body craves something more than just water? Like a replenishing, energizing, and flavourful? No, we are not talking about those heavily caffeinated energy drinks. Did you know some teas […]

5 fantastic teas for your unique Work From Home Problems.

This pandemic has changed things for all of us. Remember when you wished for a school-like vacation in your office? We did too, and all of our wishes got answered. Just not the way we had wanted. So, in the ‘new normal’, most of us are confined into their homes with a laptop/pc. Screen Share […]

5 amazing yummy and healthy easy to grab tea snacks.

How unfair is this that you want to eat healthily and take care of your health but still cannot? Your work and your lifestyle always prove to be that colossal hindrance between you and your dream shape! We, as your friends, have found some easy tea time snacks that you can sneak in your pockets […]

This vibrant tea is an answer to your energy needs

Oh, there you are. We have been waiting for you here for so long. Do you love a particular tea blend? Do you love to see the beautiful colours of tea blend brewing in a cup? Is there a particular way you like a cup of tea? We do too. But being a tea lover, […]

Can tea really spark an absolutely brave freedom revolution?

A tea party that started a revolution

Once Upon a (tea)time.. So in the 1700s, America was also a colony of the British. British love their TEA, and they brought this love to America. Around the mid-1700s, Americans were chugging down more than 1 million pounds of TEA every year. Right!! You did not know it, did you? And they were very […]